We Just Got Back from Skiing

Not just now, but we have been up in the Paiute Mountains of Utah. One of my clients has a ski lodge up there and they rent it out when they are not using it. Of course this is a huge place, so it only makes sense if you split the costs with a relatively large group. We took my brother in law’s family and the family of one of my cousins. There was another guy and his girlfriend, who is related to someone in the family some way. At any rate a Santa Rosa chiropractor is going to get involved in the aftermath and I really do not have anyone else to lay the blame upon. I was skiing good, which is a change for me. I thought that I had gotten better at it and so I decided to try out one of the more advanced slopes. Alice is a really great skier, she grew up in the Colorado Rockies with a whole family that skied.

Obviously I thought that I was going to impress her, but I really wrecked. I was going really fast and I hit this sunny spot, where some of the snow had melted and turned it into ice. It sent me flying off and out of bounds. It was all that I could do to avoid this tree. I tried to sit down like they tell you to do, but I began to tumble. I was in a good deal of pain and they tried to give me a pill, one of those ones that people get addicted to. I decided that I would just take a stiff shot of Jack Daniels No. 7 and as many tylenol as I felt to be safe. The next day it was obvious that it would not get better.

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