My Boss Said Something Interesting That Led Me to Get Help

My boss was explaining to me one day about how she goes to see a chiropractor in San Diego CA on a fairly regular basis. I asked her what exactly happens at her appointments. I didn’t realize she had a bad back, and she told me that chiropractic care is so much more than just focusing on back issues. She said that you can go to one for help with allergies, headaches, issues during pregnancy and a lot of other things. I perked up when she told me about that because I had been suffering from migraines for the past six months. It was affecting work, home life, and my social life.

I got the number for her personal chiropractor, and made an appointment for myself. I was on some pretty strong migraine medicine that is pretty helpful for a lot of people. The trouble is that it wasn’t working really well for me. I think that it dulls the pain by about 25 percent at best. This just wasn’t good enough for me. I needed to be able to function well once again. Nothing else that I had tried worked really well for me. Separately, some of the pain medications have side effects that I didn’t like feeling. Side effects was just another added issue on top of the migraines that I did not need.

The chiropractor that I went to had a long talk with me. After assessing everything that I had told him that I have been dealing with, he said that he had a hunch that my migraines were caused by issues with allergies. I did tell him that I’ve been suffering with really bad allergies, and I was unable to get rid of them. He helped me deal with what was causing my migraines in the first place, and soon after, my headaches went away for good.

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