My Arm Feels So Much Better

I am not exaggerating when I say that San Jose chiropractors saved my academic career before it even really got started. I was in the final stages of completing my dissertation when I hurt my arm while helping my parents clean up their yard. When I say I hurt my arm, I really hurt it. I somehow twisted it in such a way while we were cutting branches that it went numb. At first I thought I sprained a muscle, but this felt like something far more sinister. I went home to rest and hoped it would go away later.

When I woke up the next morning, I knew I was in big trouble. I could barely move it. Even worse, I simply had to get to work on my dissertation. It was six hundred pages long and required hours upon hours of typing. Obviously, I couldn’t do the work with my arm in a sling. I also didn’t have the funds to hire someone to do the work, not that I had the time to do it anyway due to a tight deadline. I needed to find out what was wrong with my arm and get it fixed very quickly.

I found a chiropractor who agreed to see me on short notice and went in for the appointment. I feared a broken arm, but it turned out all I had was a pinched nerve. It turns out chiropractors have a lot of experience fixing these sorts of problems, which usually involves manipulating the limb in such a way that the pressure on the nerve is greatly reduced. He moved my arm around in various directions and sure enough it worked. I walked out of there with complete and total use of my limb. I got my dissertation typed up and turned in and that chiropractor surely did save my academic career!

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