It Was Sheer Luck That My Neighbor Saw Me in My Pain

When I moved into a new neighborhood, it turned out that I would be living right next door to an Oklahoma City chiropractor who is pretty great at what he does for a living. He is the one who saw me hunched over one day in my driveway when I walked outside to get my main, and upon learning that my back was out, he told me to come to see him at his office on Monday morning to get some help right away. I have found that many of the people in my neighborhood and around the city are very helpful and caring in the same way. It makes me proud to know that I am living somewhere that people really care about one another.

My back problems started about 15 years ago. I typically got a lot of strong pain kills from different doctors. What I didn’t like about that is that some of the are addictive. So, I had to be really careful with how often I used them. That is not very helpful because when you have pain, you need to be able to take the directed amount when you need to for relief. But instead, you have to worry about the possibility of becoming addicted as well. This was not helping me enough physically at all.

I showed up early in the morning at my chiropractor neighbor’s place of business. He had not seen me outside previously when I was in pain, so he didn’t know that I had been having trouble for so long. I teared up a little when listening to him because he said that he would be able to give me the relief that I had been searching for and not getting for too many years. He also said that he prides himself on getting people better without the need for pain killers.

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