I Wiped out on My Bike

A bunch of us went out into the desert last weekend. Jack borrowed his uncle’s RV and we loaded up all of our toys. I took my dirt bike and other people took their bikes and their ATV’s. At any rate we were having a really great time, but then we got to jumping things and now I have to look around for a chiropractor in Peoria AZ. In fact the problem was in large part that I was not really paying attention to the little ramp that I was using and it partially collapsed while I was going up it. At any rate I came up short and then I went tumbling head over tea kettle as my grandmother used to say. The bike ran over ma and left a tire track on my shoulder. It tore up my jersey and it was a good thing that I was wearing protective gear and a helmet. In fact this was not the first time that I had wiped out on my bike, but this time when I got up my back really hurt.

We were way up in the middle of nowhere out in the desert, so it was a very good thing that I was not really seriously hurt. It would have taken about an hour to get to the nearest hospital. I had a bunch of bruises and some cuts, one of them pretty deep. I bandaged it up, but I had to go get a couple of stitches when I was on my way back home. My back was really hurt too and I was hoping that it would get better. However when I tried to get out of bed the next morning, it was so stiff that I could not hardly move and so I need a chiropractor.

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