I Was Slowing Down on My Walks

When my wife asked me why I was walking so slow, I really did not have a good answer for her. I was not suffering from an injury, and I was not tired or lethargic. I was just naturally moving slower. It was the first time we had taken a walk together in weeks, so it was pretty apparent to her that something was wrong. I did feel a bit different, and I decided that I needed to make an appointment to see a Santa Barbara chiropractor. The reason I chose a chiropractor over my regular doctor is because I had a feeling this was something that an adjustment or two would take care of.

I go to my regular doctor for a checkup once a year, and then again if I am really under the weather. I knew he would just end up referring me to a chiropractor or another specialist so I decided to cut out the middleman altogether. I was able to get in rather quickly at a chiropractor just down the road a few miles. My insurance covers chiropractic visits, and my copay was extremely small for this. So, all I had to do was show up and find out if he could help me out.

I really did not know what to say since I hadn’t had an injury, but it turned out that I did not have to say much of anything at all. The chiropractor did a physical examination, and then he was able to give me a treatment plan just from that. He could feel how tight my back was, and he explained that a couple of adjustments would definitely take the pressure off my back, almost immediately. He was right with that assessment because I only needed two before I felt like I had that missing energy back!

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