I Was Pushed to the Ground

I had been thinking about seeing a Beverly Hills chiropractor for a while, but I never acted on those thoughts until I became a crime victim. I was mugged while waiting for a bus, and the person who stole my bag pushed me down. I was not expecting this at all, so I did not have time to brace myself. Several people came rushing over to help me up, but it hurt so much. I guess I landed the wrong way, and the police who showed off suggested I be checked out at the hospital.

Not knowing what was wrong, I agreed to that. The ER doctor was not able to find anything wrong, but he did give me a prescription for pain relief medication. He suggested that I follow up either with my regular doctor or with a chiropractor. I had been looking at one chiropractor in particular, so I decided to contact her office to see if I could get in there in the next day or so. When I explained what had happened, the receptionist asked if I could make it in that afternoon. I was beyond grateful that they were able to squeeze me in between regular appointments.

When I explained what had happened to the chiropractor, she did a physical examination on me. I had told her that I had planned on making an appointment soon because of intermittent pain issues with my back, and she told me that the treatment for what brought me in that day would be the same for the intermittent pain as well. She was correct too because I had an adjustment that day, and I went back several more times to get follow up adjustments. My pain was gone rather quickly, and I have had no recurring pain since.

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