I Was Always So Tired

I was so tired of always feeling bad. It seemed like I never had any energy, and I was always tired because of it. Even with feeling this way, I still had to work a full schedule at my office job, take care of three kids and four dogs, and make time for my husband too. I know anyone with that kind of schedule can feel tired, but this was worse than just feeling exhausted now and again. I finally decided to see a chiropractor in Redding after doing some research online about always feeling tired.

I had talked with my doctor about it, but she just thought that my schedule was too hectic. She told me to make time for myself, which was great advice that did not work. Even with taking a weekend spa trip on my own, I still did not lose that tired feeling. The more I researched this online, the more I realized that there really was something wrong with my body. The good news about that is that it was something that I would be able to have checked by a chiropractor since it was possible that it could be related to a misalignment in my spine.

I made an appointment quickly after reading about that, and it ended up being the catalyst for what brought me from the land of the exhausted to the land of the living. I admit that I do have a hectic schedule, but the adjustments that I started getting made that schedule a lot easier to handle. I was not getting headaches anymore, and I was not feeling like I needed to take power naps throughout the day just to cope with getting through the day. I feel so much more vibrant now, and my doctor has actually started referring more people to the chiropractor because of my own experience there.

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