I Found a Cheap Place to Stay

It is amazing how much it costs to live out here, but of course that is part of the reason I am living here. My uncle taught me how to do the detail work on old homes and there are a lot of people restoring old homes in the Bay Area. They can not easily find some person who has the skill that I have obtained. At any rate I was lucky enough to make a deal with a San Francisco chiropractor who has inherited an old house. If it were in perfect shape this place would probably be worth around three million dollars, but that is not such a big deal in this city. The price of a home here starts at around a million dollars and that does not really get you very much. Three million gets you a nice home on a fairly large piece of land, but this home is not yet there.

When I get done with it it is going to be nice, but I am not going to rush things. I figure that I am going to need a place to stay for about three or four months, so that is how long it is going to take for me to do what needs to be done. I will have to bring in some other people to help too and the chiropractor is going to have to pay them. So far it does not seem as though he is in a huge hurry either. He is looking for some one to buy the place and wants to be sure that he will be able to sell the place for what he expects to get back out of it. Before he knows this to be true he is not sure he wants to put the money in it.

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