I Fell Down on a Patch of Ice

I was at my grandmother’s visiting last winter. I am not used to being in such snowy conditions, but I had the time of my life until I fell down on a patch of ice right outside her front door. She put a heated rice bag on my back, and it did feel a little better after that. I am not sure if it was the heat or the pain pills I had taken. I came home two days later, and I knew that I needed to see a Sacramento chiropractor because the pain was just getting worse rather than better.

I was worried that I had hurt myself pretty bad, but then I would convince myself it was okay because while it did hurt pretty bad, it was not a constant ache. I was able to get some relief depending on how I would sit. I could also lay down and have a lot of relief from the pain, so I was not sure what any of that meant. When I got to the chiropractor’s office the day after getting home, she explained why the pain is not constant after looking at the X-ray images she had ordered.

There was a problem with the alignment of my spine, and she explained how an adjustment would definitely relieve a lot of the pressure off of my spine, which was the main reason I was hurting. When I would shift, it would relieve the pressure on its own and therefore, I would have relief from the pain. She told me an adjustment would help so there was no pain no matter how I was sitting or standing. She did it right there in the same room, and I knew as soon as I heard the popping sound that the relief was not far behind. I am just glad I didn’t have to go another day with feeling that pain!

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