I Am Getting Started on My Weight Loss Plan

I have really been trying to find some quick and easy way to lose about twenty pounds, but the more that you study the situation the more that you realize that there is not any such thing. There are things you can do, but they are generally illegal since they are dangerous. Amphetamines definitely work, they suppress the appetite and they give you energy without food. At any rate they also can rip your heart to pieces. Today I started to read the Mayo clinic diet which has been around since 1949 and is probably the first serious effort at doing a medically sound program of dieting to lose weight. Before that you only associated the word diet with all sorts of fads, of which there are vast numbers now. If you look around the web there is not any end to the types of dieting plans, many of them are probably dangerous and others are simply not very logical.

You need a certain amount of calories to keep yourself going, but of course a person who is overweight like I am is going to have a reserve tank of fat which stores energy. I suppose that if we were in ancient times it would be a great idea to have something to fall back upon in lean times, but the idea of a healthy diet is not new at all. It at least goes back to the book of Daniel in the Old Testament. So none of the ideas are new, but of course the idea of Daniel was to eat healthy so that you could be ready to kick butt if that was necessary. I just want to get down to a good weight and not kill myself in the process. Of course that is why I am going to ease into the exercise.

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