Handled a Sports Injury with Aplomb

My husband and I searched for a San Leandro chiropractor after our teenage daughter suffered a serious shoulder injury. She’s a volleyball player, one of the best on her team, and the injury had implications far beyond the court. She’s been courted by various big schools and that means a full ride scholarship to a great university where she hopes to study medicine in order to eventually become a doctor. We don’t have enough money to send her to one of these expensive institutions, so you can imagine the fear we all felt when she suffered that injury.

Her doctor just kind of didn’t know what to do beyond painkillers. The panic really started setting in because if she couldn’t play, she wouldn’t get the exposure let alone a scholarship. In desperation we turned to a chiropractor. To elaborate on that, we didn’t have a negative view of chiropractors, but we didn’t have a positive one either. We really didn’t know enough to form an opinion either way. But we had to do something so we looked online until we found a clinic nearby and made an appointment. To say we feared the visit is an understatement. What if she couldn’t play at all?

We made our concerns known to the chiropractor and the staff and they took everything very seriously. The chiropractor examined our daughter and thought he could definitely help. Even better, the solution didn’t involve surgery. It basically came down to stretching and pulling on her arm and shoulder in order to unlock the joint. The procedure worked like a charm and the only downside was that she missed a couple of games. She’s back in playing now and she’s as good as ever! We’re so relieved that she’s going to get that scholarship and go off to school. We owe it all to the chiropractor.

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