Does Coolsculpting Work on Flab?

I have been trying to lose about twenty pounds for a good long time. It is about gone now and I am thinking about the results that I have achieved. Of course I am about to do the last leg of this, I am within a couple of pounds of being where the body mass index things say that I should be. At any rate the weight is nearly gone, but there is a lot of flabbiness on my sides and on my belly. This friend of mines showed me this web page, and told me that they do this cool sculpting there. I really did not have a good idea of what that meant at first. I had seen the commercials on TV, but I had to go on the web to see what it is that it really does. The stuff that I read says that it freeze the fat that you have, which seems a bit strange to me honestly. It is a really great thing for looking more slender, but I am not so sure that it is something that is much of a help to me honestly.

Of course there is likely to be some fat there, but I am not thinking that there is a real way to get rid of flab. It is not fat I do not think, but rather skin left over from when I was fat and I needed to have more skin than I need to have right now. So if you freeze it, then it is still just as much skin as it was before. This thing is not going to do anything about it and I do not think that there is really much else that will. I guess a plastic surgeon could cut it off.

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