My Lower and Mid Back Areas Were Hurting

I went on a two week business trip, and I was literally exhausted when I got home. I thought it was because I did not sleep well because of the uncomfortable bed at the motel, but it turned out to be something else. I gave myself a few days to get back to normal, but my tiredness soon turned into pain. I knew something was wrong with my back, and I still attributed it to sleeping on a bad mattress. I made an appointment with a Petaluma chiropractor, hoping that I would be able to get this taken care of sooner rather than later.

I had been to a chiropractor years ago because of a car accident I had been in, and the one I saw was able to help me with a pretty severe case of whiplash. That is why I wanted to see another chiropractor since the pain seemed to be mainly in my lower and mid back area. The one I had seen years ago has probably been retired for a dozen years because he was an older fellow when I had seen him. Continue reading “My Lower and Mid Back Areas Were Hurting”

Does Coolsculpting Work on Flab?

I have been trying to lose about twenty pounds for a good long time. It is about gone now and I am thinking about the results that I have achieved. Of course I am about to do the last leg of this, I am within a couple of pounds of being where the body mass index things say that I should be. At any rate the weight is nearly gone, but there is a lot of flabbiness on my sides and on my belly. This friend of mines showed me this web page, and told me that they do this cool sculpting there. I really did not have a good idea of what that meant at first. Continue reading “Does Coolsculpting Work on Flab?”

I Can Tie My Shoes Again

One of the first things I wanted to do when I moved to California was look for a reputable chiropractor in the San Francisco area. I know a lot of people will look for other professionals first, like an attorney, a doctor, a dentist, or even a hair stylist. For me though, there are very few things in this life that are more important to me than making sure I have regular spinal adjustments done. Anyone who has lived with excruciating back pain can understand that, because it is one of the worst pains I have ever had.

It really does incapacitate a person. It is hard to do a lot of things when your back is hurting. If your arm is hurting, you can still walk. If your leg is hurting, you can still type at a computer. When your back is hurting, it is hard to do just about anything. I had trouble sleeping because I could never get comfortable. I had trouble sitting because I had to keep shifting. I had trouble standing because the pain was so bad. Continue reading “I Can Tie My Shoes Again”

I Was Involved in a Car Accident

I was involved in what I thought was a minor car accident not long ago. A car rear ended me, and it pushed me into another car. Altogether, this chain reaction involved six cars total, and we all thought that we escaped with just minor injuries. It was not until the day after the accident that I knew something was wrong because my neck hurt more than it ever has. I decided to give it a couple of days, but my husband told me that either I go and see a Huntington chiropractor or go to the hospital.

I honestly did not think that it was anything major, so I opted to wait at least another day. Continue reading “I Was Involved in a Car Accident”