Save a Bundle with Online Cialis

They call it the weekend pill. I call it relief from a medical condition no one likes to talk about, but which many men suffer under. It’s erectile dysfunction and the solution, at least for me, is Cialis. It’s a drug that is often used to treat lung hypertension, but one of it’s side effects is that it increases blood flow to the penis. Thus those suffering from ED quickly learn that they are capable of having an erection, and an erection that lasts as long as needed. Needless to say, this discovery leads to a happier outlook on life indeed!

Most people know about Cialis, and most people get it from their doctor. All well and good, but what happens when costs go up and you suddenly find yourself in between jobs and without health insurance? My previous insurance through my employer paid for this stuff. They even paid for about ninety percent of it, which is amazing and not found in most insurance policies. I had really good insurance and I doubt I’ll find an equivalent policy any time in the future. But in the meantime, I needed my Cialis without paying more.

That meant going online where I could purchase the drug without a prescription and get it delivered to my house. I soon found a site that sells it, made sure they would send it to where I live, and ordered what I needed. Less than a week later the package was sitting on my kitchen table. It arrived in perfect condition and I saved a fair amount of money purchasing it in this manner. Considering my new insurance policy won’t pay for almost the entire cost of the drug, I’ll probably be ordering from this place again and again in the future. I’m certainly not going to go without it, that’s for sure!

Treating PTSD with Medical Marijuana

My next door neighbor, who is in the Marines, recently returned home after two tours overseas. We all missed him terribly and are so glad that he is home safe and sound. At least that’s what we thought. Little did we know that even though he did not have any physical injuries, he has been suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He told me yesterday that he has an appointment today at a Marlton medical marijuana clinic. I was a little shocked but who am I to judge? He seems very optimistic that they will be able to help him since medical cannabis has helped others with PTSD.

We all knew something wasn’t right about him after he returned home. Continue reading “Treating PTSD with Medical Marijuana”

My Neighbor Explained to Me About His Daily Bouts with Chronic Pain

I was watching a neighbor dig out a level spot in his yard to build a pizza oven. He is about the same age as me, and he works as hard as he can. He is not the picture of health, but he can get a lot of things done. I watched him dig bent over for a while, then he would stand upright again in stages. He supported himself on the shovel working his back straight a little at a time until he could stand upright again. I told him about a chiropractor in Petaluma that could help him. He told me how he needed to do something as it was getting worse.

He was explaining to me how people told him to take his skills in doing things such as building a pizza oven and use it to make money. Continue reading “My Neighbor Explained to Me About His Daily Bouts with Chronic Pain”

Handled a Sports Injury with Aplomb

My husband and I searched for a San Leandro chiropractor after our teenage daughter suffered a serious shoulder injury. She’s a volleyball player, one of the best on her team, and the injury had implications far beyond the court. She’s been courted by various big schools and that means a full ride scholarship to a great university where she hopes to study medicine in order to eventually become a doctor. We don’t have enough money to send her to one of these expensive institutions, so you can imagine the fear we all felt when she suffered that injury.

Her doctor just kind of didn’t know what to do beyond painkillers. The panic really started setting in because if she couldn’t play, she wouldn’t get the exposure let alone a scholarship. In desperation we turned to a chiropractor. To elaborate on that, we didn’t have a negative view of chiropractors, but we didn’t have a positive one either. Continue reading “Handled a Sports Injury with Aplomb”

Why I Am Getting Chiropractic Adjustments Now

The last time I had been to a chiropractor was when I was a senior in high school. I was a linebacker for the football team, and I took a pretty rough hit that messed my back up on our final game of the season. I was relieved at the time that we had no more games, but my mom was only concerned about getting me to a Sacramento chiropractor. She was worried that I had injuries that would haunt me for the rest of my life if I did not have them checked out quickly.

I was humoring her by going, but it actually turned into a really good thing. I did end up having some damage to my lower back because of the hard hit, and I was in therapy for several weeks. I did not really feel the full brunt of the pain for a couple of days, and that is when I realized that my mom was right to get me to a chiropractor right away. The pain was minimal the following week and completely gone within two more weeks. Continue reading “Why I Am Getting Chiropractic Adjustments Now”