I Needed to Get Back to Work Very Quickly

I called a Carmichael chiropractor in desperation when I missed an important work meeting with a major client due to not being able to even sit up for more than 5 minutes at a time after I threw my back out. My boss is the CEO of the company and he was so angry at me for not being able to show up to that meeting. I was lucky that he didn’t fire me right then and there. Nothing I had been taking for the pain was working for me. The few times that I was able to get up out of bed, I could only shuffle to the bathroom for a few minutes before I had to crawl right back into bed.

My boss knows that I’m an amazing worker. Continue reading “I Needed to Get Back to Work Very Quickly”

It Was Sheer Luck That My Neighbor Saw Me in My Pain

When I moved into a new neighborhood, it turned out that I would be living right next door to an Oklahoma City chiropractor who is pretty great at what he does for a living. He is the one who saw me hunched over one day in my driveway when I walked outside to get my main, and upon learning that my back was out, he told me to come to see him at his office on Monday morning to get some help right away. I have found that many of the people in my neighborhood and around the city are very helpful and caring in the same way. It makes me proud to know that I am living somewhere that people really care about one another.

My back problems started about 15 years ago. I typically got a lot of strong pain kills from different doctors. What I didn’t like about that is that some of the are addictive. So, I had to be really careful with how often I used them. That is not very helpful because when you have pain, you need to be able to take the directed amount when you need to for relief. Continue reading “It Was Sheer Luck That My Neighbor Saw Me in My Pain”

The Struggle of a Weekend Warrior

I admit that I am not the most athletic person in the world. I am very scrawny. I am nothing but skin and bones, I have little body fat. I think that has taken a toll on my love life and relationships. Most of the women that I know only like muscular guys. They are not attracted to skinny guys like me. My self-esteem was low. I decided to go to the gym. Surprisingly, I met a new women. She became my girlfriend. I tried to impress her and it backfired. I needed a chiropractor in Tracy to help me in my time of need.

I will never forget the day that I met Jessica. I was in the gym working on my thin body. I accidentally bumped into her. I was surprised when I first saw her. I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. My breathe was taken away from me. I was so nervous that I could not speak. Jessica and I talked for a while and started to grow closer together. We eventually started to date. Continue reading “The Struggle of a Weekend Warrior”

Visiting a Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain

After suffering with lower back pain for more than a month, I finally decided to take action. I didn’t want to go to my regular physician, but instead I decided that I would rather go see a chiropractor. I thought that seeing a professional who specializes in treating back pain would be the quickest and easiest way to find a resolution to my pain. I went online to search for a Cary chiropractor. It was important to me that I found someone located near me, which is why I searched for that specific city. One of the search results jumped out at me because it appeared to be the most relevant, so I went to the website to learn more about the practice.

As I was browsing the FAQ section, I found some very interesting information about different types of pain and the underlying causes. My back pain didn’t happen overnight. It was something that gradually increased over time. I learned that this is normal, and many people experienced the same type of discomfort. Continue reading “Visiting a Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain”