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Not Everyone Has the Ability to Take a Pain Reliever for Help

I worried so much with my second and last pregnancy because my first pregnancy was so tough on me and my child. I was careful not to overdo anything physically. I also made sure that I was careful with everything that I ate the second time around. When my back began hurting with my second child, I was in so much pain. But I didn’t want to take anything that could cause a problem. It was torture. One of the other mom’s at my son’s play group told me she went to a chiropractor in Philadelphia to get help when she was pregnant. I had no idea that there was help available for someone in my condition!

I hurt my back by picking up a small stack of books. It was so frustrating because I knew that the stack wasn’t very heavy. (more…)

I Had a Bad Tooth

I woke up in pain about a month ago. It was one of my back teeth, and I was really worried that I was going to have to see a dentist in Fremont about it. The only problem was, I did not have a regular dentist who was treating me. The last time I had that was when I was under my parent’s insurance plan when I was a kid, which was many moons ago. I knew that I needed to do something though because while the beginning of a toothache is bad, it just gets a lot worse as the days go on if it is not treated.

My biggest concern was my fear. (more…)

I Did Not Want to Rely on Pain Pills Every Day

I did not understand how a chiropractor in Phoenix AZ could help me with my pain issues. My doctor wanted me to take pain pills if the pain got to be too much, but then I would be taking them almost every day. I was in a car accident about a year ago, and I was never able to fully recover from it. I thought that this was just how my life was going to be from that point on, but I found out that there are answers for just about any kind of pain.

I told my doctor that I was worried about relying on pain pills the rest of my life. I also had heard where some people became immune to them after taking them for a long time. (more…)

We Like Goofing off with Rough Horseplay, but My Back Took a Solid Hit Once

My wife and I are one of those crazy couples that like to pull practical jokes on one another. No, we do not put them on social media, but we probably would be famous if we did. My wife has gotten a lot more tougher so that she is a match for me when wrestling now. She does those sneak attacks and can put me off my balance. She tried to carefully use a defense move I taught her, and it ended up making me need to see a chiropractor in San Francisco for some treatment.

She knew she hurt me about five seconds after she was laughing at how I landed. She could tell something was wrong, and then she started to cry and tell me she was sorry over and over. I was just as surprised as she was. Neither of us had gotten hurt goofing off before. Well, nothing that felt like this anyway. My lower back was aching pretty bad. I tried to walk it off. (more…)

One Fall and That’s All

The University Place chiropractor treated me for a bad back problem just two weeks ago after I fell off a jungle gym. Most adults wouldn’t be using a jungle gym, but I was because I was testing it for my kids. I bought the jungle gym and assembled it because I wanted the kids to have something to play on in the backyard. It was easy to put together, but that wasn’t the problem I would have to deal with in the whole ordeal. As I was climbing on the gym, my hand slipped and I fell to the ground.

My kids laughed when they saw me fall, and then when I was having trouble get up, they ran over and asked me if I was fine. (more…)

Why I Went to the Chiropractor

I have had back issues for a long time. I just thought that there was nothing I could do about it, mostly because so many people in my family have back problems too. I thought it was just a family thing, but it turns out that we were just making really bad choices. The worst decision that any of us had made was in not seeing a chiropractor in Pleasanton, since that is where most of us live. When my friend saw me walking really slow a few months ago when we met for lunch, she told me that I had to just do something about it.

She had never been to a chiropractor either, but it made sense to both of us that was the kind of doctor I should see. I did not want to just choose any chiropractor though. If I was choosing a new doctor or dentist, I would want to make sure that I was getting the best available, so that is why I took my time looking at the different Pleasanton chiropractors. (more…)

Oceanside Chiropractor Saved Our Vacation and My Husband’s Back

It had been many years since my husband and I were able to visit my brother and his family in California, but with our eldest nephew soon off to college, we decided to make the time for a little vacation. While I had planned every detail of the trip, one thing I didn’t plan for was the need for an Oceanside chiropractor.

My husband likes to think that he is only as old as he feels and while nearing retirement age, he spent our first day with our nephews on the beach, convinced he was perfectly able, and talented enough to master running along the surf and gliding gracefully over the sand on a boogie board. Our nephews continued to warn him that it wasn’t that easy. And it wasn’t. Nor was my husband quite that talented or graceful.

But my husband persevered and after an afternoon of trying, and falling, he finally admitted the boogie board had beaten him, though I am sure he is still convinced it was the design of the board and not his 60-year-old body that was at fault.

The next morning my husband was barely able to get himself out of bed and when walking into the kitchen for breakfast, he passed on the toast and coffee and asked only for a phone book and a recommendation for an Oceanside chiropractor who could see him on very short notice. This was day two of a ten-day trip and I knew unless my husband got some help, we would have to end the trip early and my husband would have to make the long flight back home in complete agony.

Thankfully, my brother, who learned long ago not to boogie board, was able to direct us to a great practice and after an appointment, a little rest, relaxation and cool drinks, my husband was able to enjoy the rest of our beach time, though had no desire to try boogie boarding again.

The Names My Dad Had for Chiropractors Changed to the Positive After He Went to See Mine

I cut trees for a living. We have a lot of trees here in the state of Washington. I use a bucket truck to lift me high into a tree’s canopy to begin cutting. Contrary to what you might see on TV, we cut trees from the top down to protect buildings and property. I use spikes and ropes to climb into trees too. If it wasn’t for my chiropractor in Vancouver WA, I would be out of a job. I need to have my back worked on at least a couple of times a month.

It feels so good to have my back treated. The adjustments along with the deep muscle massage that is done with the electrical stimulation wand gets the blood flowing and the toxins out of my muscles. (more…)

The Pain Took Him to a Chiropractor

I knew that I needed to find a good chiropractor in Sacramento for my husband. He was in a minor car accident not that long ago, and we thought that he had walked away from it with just a few cuts and scrapes. He was sore, but he didn’t go to the hospital, as he figured that a few days of just resting would help him feel better. That did not happen though. He slept on the couch that night because he could not get comfortable in bed at all. He reclined back, and he was finally able to sleep a little that way.

When he woke up, he was pretty stiff. We thought that it was just as much from sleeping on the couch as it was from the accident, so he tried to sleep in bed the next night. He was so sore though, and it was just not working out too well for him. (more…)

Keeping My Back Healthy to Stay Ahead of My Younger Competition

I was changing the tire on our four-wheel drive vehicle. I use it at work to get out to construction sites in the field. I must have picked up something metal at one of the sites. It managed to puncture the tire. I had to put the spare on. The tires are big to allow rock climbing and other off-road activities. They are heavy. I pulled something putting the spare on to get to work. It hurt all day long. I felt every bump on the construction site roads, and I stopped by my chiropractor in Campbell on the way home from work.

I was not going to have any time off for a few more days, and I needed to be at peak performance for this project. I was heading up a crew doing a geological survey for drilling, and we all had to drive into areas in four-wheel drive vehicles then hike the rest of the way. (more…)

Recurring Headaches After a Car Accident

The first time I was in a car accident, it was just a fender bender with minor scrapes. The second, and last, time I was in one, it was completely different. My car was totaled, and I was lucky that I was not killed. I have a new outlook on life now because I know just how lucky I got. That didn’t mean I walked away unscathed though. I had several surgeries, and I will always walk with a limp now. Those are not the reasons why I went to see a chiropractor in Santa Rosa a few months after my last surgery though. (more…)

This Helped More Than Any Prescription Did

I didn’t even see the car coming toward me when I was on my way to work a couple of months ago. I had looked down for just a moment to change the radio station in my car, and then suddenly I felt a loud impact and a horrific exploding noise. After that, I woke up in the hospital. After many months in the hospital, a Chandler auto accident chiropractor is who helped me finally get rid of the pain that I could no longer deal with anymore.

I have to say that I have never been a big fan of driving. I do it only because I have to get to different places, especially to and from work or the grocery store. I always liked it when my husband takes me places instead. (more…)

Getting over My Needle Nervousness to Try Acupuncture

I could never seem to get beyond the fact that acupuncture uses needles. Then I ended up with diabetes and used needles all the time. Oh boy, that first time was tough. I could not even bring myself to push the button to stick my finger for a glucose check. The first time I stuck myself with an insulin needle was a life changer. Now that I am older and more “needle” experienced, I did not have a problem with going to see a Chicago acupuncture expert. I wanted some relief from pain I was having. It was always there in my shoulder to one degree or another. It would ache and burn. Then when it got worse, it would ache and burn a lot. It would ebb and flow. When it got bad, I had a hard time working. I did not want to have it at all.

I was taking NSAID pain relievers when it was at its peak. When it was easing up, I would just have my wife massage the trigger point in my back, take a hot shower, or use a heated rice bag. I would overheat those rice bags and then burn myself. That could not be more comfortable than acupuncture. (more…)

Best Chiropractor Ratings in Redding Area

My back is jacked up, I don’t really know what is wrong with it, but it is killing me. And it is not just today, but every day I wake up and it is so stiff that I can hardly move. The pain and stiffness combine to almost be overwhelming such that I have trouble focusing and it really detracts from my quality of life. I don’t know what I can do about it, other than to try to find a chiropractor in Redding to go visit.

I haven’t ever gone to a chiropractor before and so I am kind of nervous on the one hand. But at the same time, I don’t really think that I have much to lose by going to see one. (more…)

My Back Would Not Stop Hurting

When I broke my arm when I was a kid, I thought it was the worst pain I would ever feel. Then, when I had a child when I was 24, I knew that was the worst pain I could experience. Well, I was wrong on both accounts. Kids are resilient, and labor pain disappears rather quickly. The pain I had in my back did not disappear for months, and that was extremely painful each and every day. I finally found the right answer when I went to a Sacramento chiropractor, and my only regret was that I did not do this when my back first started hurting. I would have avoided months of pain if I had.

What I did instead was go to my regular doctor. (more…)

I Wanted to Feel Good After My Pregnancy Too

I started seeing a chiropractor in Beverly Hills ten years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. I had developed severe lower back pain when I was about four months pregnant, and I knew that I would not be able to go the entire pregnancy feeling that way. I was able to get into a chiropractor the same week I called, and she was able to help me so much! I had some adjustments done that day, and I went back either once or twice a week for the entirety of my pregnancy.

I thought that once I gave birth, I would feel good again, back to normal. My body had changed though with the pregnancy, and I found myself wanting those adjustments even after my lower back pain was gone. I just did not feel up to par, and I knew that I always felt so much better after one of the manipulations had been done. (more…)

Taking Control of Back Pain Before It Controls You

If you see someone in a cast, you know they endured pain. If you see someone with a bandage on, you know they endured pain. If you see someone take a hit in sports or fall, you know it’s gotta hurt. We can relate to that. However, it is about impossible to relate to pain we cannot see proof of. My back pain did not have any proof on an MRI, but it was still there. It felt like electricity that was burning away my nerve endings. I went to a Cumming chiropractor at the suggestion of my primary care doc. She said that the pain I was describing had to be the result of nerve impingement.

I went through a course of NSAIDs as well as steroids to reduce inflammation. However, my back kept on hurting. I was gaining weight slowly because the pain would not go away and I was sitting around all the time. Well, let me rephrase that. (more…)

Things Are REally Good for My Daughter Now

I wanted to find a Livermore dentist who would let me be part of the appointments when I took my 5 year old daughters for treatments. She is autistic and does not do really well with strangers. I really feared that I would have a lot of trouble finding someone who would allow that, but it really wasn’t that way at all. Everyone that I spoke with understood and had worked on children like my daughter on many occasions, and they were willing to go the extra mile of working with me so that things were better for her.

When I learned the my daughter was autistic when she was just 2 years old, I had no idea that it meant that I would need to devote more time to her than I had needed to with my two boys. (more…)

Top Chiropractor Offices for San Jose

My neck is just killing me right now, and I wish it was just my neck, but it is much more than that. My shoulders are really bad off, and it feels like my range of motion is kind of constricted and that the shoulder joints themselves are very tight. I am going to hopefully see a chiropractor soon for some of these problems and I want to find a chiropractor in San Jose office to visit in the near future. (more…)

I Did Not Want to Rely on Pills

When I broke my leg, I was in a lot of pain. It wasn’t a clean break, and I had to have a few surgeries on it. Through all of this, I had to rely on pain pills to get me through the roughest patches of it. That is the last thing I wanted to do, but there was no way I could take the pain of it. After I was released from the hospital, the first thing I did was look online for a San Francisco chiropractor. One of the nurses in the hospital told me that if I did not want to rely on the pain pills, that I should see a chiropractor to help me manage the pain then.

I figured she has probably seen her share of people who have not been able to get off of them, and I definitely did not want to be one of those statistics. I made an appointment with a chiropractor even before I did with physical therapy because I knew that I would not be able to do therapy for at least a few weeks. (more…)